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1308960744_Castafari_SIGNATURE_PIC_1Castafari was born May 28th, 1977 to Mother Eunice Peterkin Collins and father Lance Collins, in Falmouth hospital in Trelawney Jamaica WI. Castafari was named Andre Owaldo Collins and grew up in Dumfries Saint James, Jamaica WI. He has three siblings, Raymond, Hugh, and Celia whom all had Nurse Clarke as their mid-wife. Raised by his mother until Castafari age 6, when she migrated to United States in pursued for more opportunities and resources to support four children. Nurse Clarke was the community nurse for the district and the greater part of St. James. His mother was the main source and reference of love, moral, spiritual strength and life. His aunties and uncles and grandparents shaped his dynamic life; and when his mother migrated to live and work in the United States in the early 1980’s, Nurse Clarke, neighbor and confidant played a symbolic role in Castafari’s upbringing as a “mother”. She showed him how to be a man, shopping as they went to the market, house choirs, listen rebel music, and reason about various life joys and its exploits. In 2009 Nurse Clarke passed away, God bless her soul Castafari stated how it was a true blessing to spend his youth with her and her family. Childhood development was shaped from going to school in Montego Bay and countryside living adventure. His early schooling began at Catherine hall primary, Wakefield Primary the move unto high school at Herbert Morrison Comprehensive.


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